Wearing Dental Braces

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cosmetic dentist Las VegasAccording to a pediatric dentist in Las Vegas, kids with crooked or misaligned teeth should schedule an appointment to see if they need braces. Dental braces, or orthodontic braces are placed on and around the teeth to straighten and align the teeth and to help them be positioned so they are straight and produce a normal bite. They can correct malocclusion, overbites, under bites, and crooked teeth. They are used with other dental devices to help to correct and shape the palate and the jaw.

Metal braces with wire between them attached to metal bands around the individual teeth are still the most common form of braces. Another form is called Incognito braces, or lingual braces, where the band is attached to the back of the teeth which makes them invisible to the public, and this style is used for cosmetic purposes. Another form that is used for even more cosmetic design are called Invisalign braces, or clear removable aligners, are used for the gradual motion of teeth to their destination. There is some debate among dentists whether this method is as successful and regular wire braces, but they are very popular.

Most of the patients who use braces for the straightening of their teeth are children, because they are still growing and the teeth can be moved more easily. There are some adults who will opt for braces, but the number of patients who are adults is small in comparison.

Typical treatment for braces will last anywhere from six months to two years, depending upon the severity of the misalignment of the teeth, whether any teeth have to be pulled, and other types of treatment that might be necessary for dental purposes, such as oral surgery in extreme cases. Braces are adjusted about every three weeks, to make them move the teeth slowly into their prescribed positions. Patients will be sore for a few days after the adjustment, but they all say it was worth it when they finish their treatment and see their pretty smile in the mirror.

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