Reducing Costs Through Dental SEO

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dental costsEveryone is concerned about the cost of medical care these days, and that includes the cost of quality dental care. Much is made of the fact that 44 million Americans do not have health care, and rightly so, as access to affordable health care for all is a worthy goal. But much less is said about the statistic showing only 57 million in the U.S. have dental insurance. Is it a wonder why oral health is frequently neglected? It is a problem that affects people across the country, from Boise to Baton Rouge to Bangor Maine.

While efforts should be made on the legislative and insurance fronts, there are other ways to tackle the problem. If the barrier to dental care is the high cost of treatment, then one step in the right direction would be to lower those costs. Dentists have invested a lot of time and resources in their education and efforts to build a practice, and shouldn’t be expected to operate their businesses at a loss. But there are things they can do to reduce the overhead of operating a successful practice, and as a result reduce the price their patients pay for treatment.

One of those costs is advertising. Dentists have to allocate a portion of their resources to attract new patients into the practice. The more competitive the market they are in, the more they have to spend on various forms of ads, from direct mailing, to newspaper ads, to online advertising. With dental search engine advertising costing $15-$20 or more per click in some markets, those costs can add up quickly.

A great way to reduce those costs is through Dental SEO (Search Engine Optimization). An investment in SEO services can dramatically improve the way a dental website ranks in search engine results, bringing in more patients. And over time the acquisition of those patients will cost much less than other forms of advertising, reducing the costs to the dentist, and ultimately passing along lower dental costs to the patients.

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