A Crisis Of Cost

by , under Dental News

dental crisisThere is a crisis looming in the world today, and its effects are not limited to just a city, region, or even nation. It is the problem of dental costs. Good dental health is recognized as a key component to the total well-being of the individual. But the poor economy in both the US and abroad, coupled with rising costs of all types of health care, have caused many to neglect good preventative dental care.

The dire state of affairs has not escaped the attention of the US congress. The Senate recently convened hearings to address the crisis in dental care. Their stated goal is to end the dental crisis in America by expanding dental coverage, creating additional locations to receive quality care, improving the workforce in the dental industry, allocating money for research, and for improving dental education. During the hearings many testified of their inability to afford a trip to the dentist, and also of horror stories experienced in trying to get quality care.

The news was not all bad, however. Wisconsin, for one, along with the Wisconsin Dental Associate, was lauded for making improvements to the state’s dental system. They have been actively working to improve dentistry in the state, and to make care affordable for all their residents.

We applaud both Wisconsin and the US congress for taking positive steps to improve the dental industry, and to make oral healthcare both available and affordable. And we hope that you will also work within you state or region to make sure that everyone can afford to go to the dentist.